What you should know about cantilever racking systems

If you are interested to replace the old racking system from your warehouse with a new one, then the many models available on the market might overwhelm you, and if you do not have experience, you would not know which one of them is the one you need. In case you have to store bulky and long materials there, then you should consider cantilever racking systems, because they are the right option for you. Cantilever racking systems have a unique functionality and they offer you the possibility to store your goods on vertical, without obstructing the area. They allow you to fully utilise the vertical space and the result is that you have the possibility to fully maximise the warehouse. If you have it in view for installing it in the storage space, but you need more details about it to be convinced that it is the best option you have, then here are some things you might find interesting.


What makes cantilever racking systems different from the others?

This type of storage system is different from all the other ones available on the market because it is ideal to be installed when you want to use it for lengthy items. It does not feature a front column so it would not obstruct access and you would have no difficulties in loading and unloading the goods. You can store with its help piping, timber and other similar items. In addition, it is defined as a flexible system, because you can place the goods wherever you find suitable along the length of a run of a racking. Because there is no front column you would find it easy to operate, and you can be selective when it comes to taking away the items, because you can access them with not difficulties. It is characterised as adaptable, because it offers you the possibility to store any type of item you would place in the other types of shelving or racking systems.

What changes should I bring to the space?

Although the majority of cantilever racing systems do not require for you to modify the space, depending on the one you order you might have to change its look according to certain specifications. There are some models, which do not fit into a space, and you would have to switch the entire design for being able to install them. Make sure that you fully understand the requirements of the system when you order it, and in case you are not sure if it is right for your warehouse, you should ask the company send you a team of specialists to come and measure the storage house. Many companies offer these services and it is recommended to ask them offer you their support, because in case the space does not meet the requirements of the installation of the system, they might offer you customised racks, according to the needs of your warehouse. Also, keep in mind that you would have to train your personnel for knowing how to appropriately load and unload the racks.

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