What options do you have when it comes to family sponsorship

The majority of people have the wrong impression that when applying for a family sponsorship in Canada, they only have to sign a couple of documents and the process would be quite simple. Well, the fact is that even if the Canadian authorities are committed to keep families together, the process might be overwhelming if you do not have the needed experience. Many people have this wrong impression because they consider that if the government is not reviewing their language skills, educational history and work, they would have no difficulties in getting family sponsorship. Therefore, it is recommended to collaborate with a company that is specialised in helping people obtaining family sponsorship, because they have experience in this domain.

Bringing your parents or grandparents in Canada

If you consider bringing your parents or grandparents in Canada you should know that there are different possibilities to do it, but if you want to apply for the sponsorship program, you should know that there is a limited number of applications they accept every year. In case this number is reached, you still have the possibility to bring them in Canada, because you can apply for the Super Visa Program, which means that they would get extended multi-entry visas, which can last even 10 years. However, no matter what program you choose, you have to be sure that they meet all the eligibility requirements of that program, and that the sponsor also meets them.

Bringing your common law partner or spouse in Canada

If you want to bring your common law partner or spouse in Canada, you have different options from which you choose, so you have to carefully weigh them. If you do not already know, you have the possibility to choose from two different types of spousal sponsorship, the outland and inland ones. Every one of these options has different benefits, and you have to choose the one that offers you more advantages. In addition, if you consider that you so not know which one you should choose, you should consider asking for professional help, because they would explain you all the details you need to know.

Bringing a dependent child in Canada

This is one of the particular cases, because as stated before the Canadian government is committed to keep families together, and in case you want to bring your dependent child here, and you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, you have this possibility. When it comes to sponsorship programs they all have some specific requirements, and you have to be sure that both you and your child meet them. To find if you are eligible for this family sponsorship, you should do some research before starting the process, because you have to be sure that you have all the information you need. Moreover, in case the process overwhelms you, do not forget that you have the possibility to ask for help from a company that offers support in this domain.


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