What home décor improvements can you do in 1 hour?

When it comes to home improvement, people immediately think about things like kitchen remodelling or installing hardwood floors. The thing is that you don’t have to make major changes in order to improve your home. The little things are the ones that count. For instance, you can make improvements to the home décor. A house that is well-decorated improves your state of mind, not to mention that you’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood. In this article here, we’re going to show you some home improvement projects that you can do under an hour.


Rehabilitate the rug

If you’re like most people, chances are that you have spilled liquids on the rugs at least once. No matter how stain-resistant your carpet is, liquids are still visible. So, what do you do in this situation? You can’t really afford to throw out the rug. You’ve spent a great deal of money on it, not to mention that you’re a little bit of short on cash. Well, you can use ribbons, especially if the spills are around the edges. Chances are that you still have some ribbon left from your last visit at the theribbonroom.co.uk, so use it. Get your hands on the ribbon and create a magnificent edge. All you have to do, basically, is sew the ribbon onto the carpet. The result? You can be sure that it’s a spectacular one.

Install a new faucet

Installing a faucet is so simple that even you can do it. But why on earth would you make the effort of putting a new faucet in place? Because it will instantly change the look of your home. The point is that if you’re bored of the old faucet, install a new one. You’ll see the difference right away. What you have to do first is turn off the water supply. Next, take a wrench and disconnect the nuts holding the faucet in place. Remove the faucet, clean the area, and install the new faucet.

DIY curtain rod

A stylish addition to the windows can be considered a home décor improvement. A curtain rod can is a very chic addition. There’s no reason why you should buy one, when you can make a curtain rod yourself. If you have a copper pipe lying around the house, then you should better use it. Get some simple end caps and attach them to the copper pipe. The last thing that you want is for the caps to fall off, so attach them carefully. You might want to use glue. When you’re done, just mount the curtain rod that you’ve just made.


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