What clients think about modern hair salons?

When it comes to a business, no matter how small or large it is, clients are by far the most important. This is the reason why managers should always take into consideration their opinions. For example, here are the principle aspects that managers should bear in mind, when it comes to modern hair salons.

Clients do not like to wait

One of the most annoying things for clients is to wait for their turn. Usually, this happens because the hairdressers are not so well-organized. But, thanks to modern applications such as MyCuts, this thing is easy to handle. Why is an app like this so special? First of all, it looks beautiful on all types of devices. Also, it is regarded as a user-friendly one. You can access it from your mobile phone or from your pad and it works perfectly. Its main role is to make sure that everybody knows exactly what to do. For example, there are clients who decide to cancel their appointment. The employees of a salon can use the application for organizing their appointments, such as to avoid downtimes, and know exactly who will come next. They can use tags such as “scheduled” or “unscheduled”.

Clients do not like when their hairdressers are running out of products

Going to a salon and finding out that you cannot dye your hair because they do not have the right color is definitely something that makes you hit the roof. However, the excuses and the embarrassment of your hair stylist is not enough. But, if the salon owners use modern apps, they would know exactly when they have to complete their stock and they would avoid these annoying situations. How an app like this works more precisely? It is quite simple. Usually, the hairdressers search through the inventory, by using the items name and they filter the products by using tags such as “reorder”, “low” or “stocked”. What is more, the unnecessary items are easy to remove from the list. Therefore, any manager will know exactly when he or she has to buy products.

Clients hate it when the hair stylists do not know which their preferences are

There are people who say that they like to go to a salon, only because the hairdressers know exactly what they like and what they need. Thus, they do not have to explain once again. But, it is completely normal for a hairstylist to forget things, is not it? Well, nowadays, forgetting things can be easily avoided. By using smart apps, they can add valuable information about customers such as what type of haircuts they prefer or how sensitive their scalp is and so on.

Clients do not like to cut their hair in a place which is not clean enough

This is a general truth. Hair salon managers should take care of cleanness. But, they should not ask their employees to handle this aspect by their own. They can hire a company that deals with these things and ask their teams of experts to solve the problem faster. In the majority of the cases, cleaning companies are a better option because they have experience and they also use some professional cleaning products.

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