Underfloor heating system – things you may want to know

Have you ever heard of underfloor heating systems? Their origin goes back to the ancient romans, because they are the first people who used wood-burning fires to generate heat to warm up the marble floors. But, if you want to use this type of heating system to warm up your house, you should know that it is not limited to the floors, because during winter you can use it to improve your property’s energy efficiency with at least 12%. You should get in touch with a professional company as New Line Construction Plumbing Services to install you this type of heating system, because it will secure an equal distribution of warmth through the rooms and at the same time, it will make your house a comfortable environment. If you are looking for an alternative for the conventional fireplace or radiator, then you should try to find more about this, because it is not as difficult as you may think to install it.


What is an underfloor heating system?

The radiant or underfloor heating system is an important part of the central heating system, and it generates heat throughout your house with the help of a system of interconnected electric wires of pipes. These pipes or wires are placed under the floor. The heating occurs when hot fluids pass through the pipes or electricity passes through wires. There are two types of underfloor heating systems, water and electric heating. If you will take a look on the market, you will notice that the electric version is cheaper, but experts states that the water-based one performs better on long term. Also, when you want to install this type of system in an already built house, you will have to renovate the floor, and this may not be a cheap project.

What you should know about electric underfloor heating?

If you opt for an electric radiant heating system, you should know that it includes a web of non-corrosive cables placed in a spiral shape. They are connected to a thermostat and a power supply in order to control the heat output. If you prefer this option, then you should talk with a professional because the type of floor from your house will influence the choice. In addition, the size of the space and the type of insulation of the floor are factors you will have to consider. Electric underfloor heating systems are great for rooms that feature carpeted, tiled or stone floors.

What you should know about water underfloor heating?

This type of system uses a network of wires in order to warm up your house. Under the floor, there will be installed pipes to allow the access of warm water. The pipes will be connected to the central heating system. You should know from the beginning that it would be financially challenging to install this type of system, because you will have to invest not only in purchasing it, but also in renovating the floors of the house. However, if you check the benefits, it will bring after the installation, you will see that it is totally worth to invest in this type of system.

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