Tips to maintain the Sky Box functional for many years


You want to make sure that your Sky Box is properly working, because there is no more unpleasant thing, than to want to watch your favourite TV show and the Digital Box to not function. So, if you want to make sure that the Sky Box will properly function, you have to maintain it in its best state. And because you may have no idea what the process of maintaining a Sky Box functional is, you should check the guidelines below. The majority of people end up calling sky number help line, because they do not know how to maintain the device, and it damages in time. Especially if your box is not under warrantee, you should make sure that you follow these tips, because if it gets damaged, you may have to pay an engineer to fix it.

Empty the deleted items folder regularly

This is one of the most important things, you should keep in mind, because people usually ignore this aspect. If you want to maintain the health of the hard drive of the device, then you should make sure that the deleted items folder is always empty or near empty. It is not advisable to rely on the built-in space management software to do it. When people contact the helpline, they state that they never deleted an item from this folder. When the free space is lower than 10%, the device starts experiencing failures and you will notice that it does not work properly. There are times when you experience no issues, but it is advisable to clear the folder if you want to extend the life of the Sky Box.

Do not forget to defrag the hard drive

When you record and delete programs the hard drive of the device will become fragmented. This means that in time you can experience recording and playback performance issues. If you want to defrag the hard drive of the Sky Box, you will have to perform a planner rebuild. The process will take some time, because it has to perform different actions in order to offer a form of integrity check. During the defrag process you will have to stop all the other actions for the following half of hour. Before you perform a planner rebuild, you should empty the deleted items folder.

Perform a forced software update

There are times when the Sky Box features a problem with a background update that does not leave the box. The background update leaves the box to function, but with glitches and you may experience one of the following issues:

  • You cannot find scheduled recordings
  • You cannot add a new program to the planner
  • The box responds to the remote control slowly
  • The TV guide does not show you listings from more than one day in the future

In the majority of cases, the source of these issues is the software fault. You do not have to call the helpline, because you can update the software by yourself. You will find online a complete guide on how to do it.

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