Things to avoid when organizing a wedding

The biggest event of your life approaches rapidly and you are not ready yet for everything it presupposes? Well, you should remind yourself that this is the most full of emotion, fear and happiness at the same time day that you will experience. This is the reason why you should be extra careful with whatever decision you may take in organizing your wedding. Avoiding making mistakes that will spoil your mood is essential, so you will need to learn how to say “no” to unnecessary tasks until you finally say “yes” to the man you love. Here are some tips that you might want to follow:

Do not do it all alone

Not asking for help from your bridesmaids and best man is a huge mistake. You are not alone in organizing a wedding – you have great friends that are there to give you precious pieces of advice and help you with whatever task you may need to accomplish. Start scheduling the speeches with them and ask everyone to handle a certain task. For instance, have the guys search for best man speech templates online so you won’t have to worry about them being awkward in front of everyone. Talk with your bridesmaids about the moment when you need help with dressing and undressing or greeting guests at the wedding location.

Cover all costs

Be careful to cover absolutely all the costs regarding the menu. You wouldn’t want your guests to have to pay for certain drinks at the bar. Talk with the restaurant or bar manager and make sure everything is covered by your payment. The beverage menu choice can be quite tricky and if you are not paying enough attention it can end up quite rude for your guests.

Keep your invitations simple

Don’t include information that is not relevant on your invitations. It is good to be informed regarding a big event, but a wedding invitation should only contain the important details like your name, where the wedding takes place and the time that the event will begin. Don’t try to overdue your invitations because people will start forgetting these details and will have to recheck the invitation several times before confirming their place or not.

Do not be authoritative with bridesmaids/best men

On your wedding day, let the guys choose their own best man speech samples and the bridesmaids their own dresses. You don’t have to be pretentious with the way they are seeing the entire event, meaning that they should have an opinion in organizing the wedding. Bridesmaids and best men should be considered sisters and brothers that you completely trust during this day. They are your best friends and they would do anything to see you happy and relaxed at your own wedding. Communication will make everything go as planned if you are calm and specific with what you want. They are there for you to give you all the necessary attention and help. Do not be rude in any way because you will ruin both your mood and theirs.

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