SOS – my child hates math!


Maths is one of the most interesting, but still complex disciplines. According to studies, there are many students who find it difficult, a thing which happens especially because teachers do not know how to apply some modern educational methods. But here they are some tips and tricks which are usually applied by the experts. They can also come in hand in case you cannot convince your child that maths is important for making him or her become a better person.

How can you help your child learn math?

  • In case you cannot help your child with his/her math exercises, a good solution is looking for an expert. Ask for the services of a tutor. There are many private tutors in the UK, but in order to find the best one, you should look for Maths Tutoring Harrow. This will give you the chance to find people who come with long experience in this domain and who are patient enough as to make your kid find maths interesting.
  • Offer your kid some small gifts, if he or she becomes better at maths. In case the school teachers recommend your child as a good student, you should definitely let your child know that you appreciate the efforts. You can buy him/ her toys or even some candies. But do not exaggerate with sweets because too much sugar can be quite harmful. On the other hand, in case your child does not make any progress when it comes to math, you should not make him or her feel bad. Try to look for other methods.
  • Think about setting a schedule. In order to help your children improve their math grades, try to make a daily schedule and make sure that you include some fun activities that will help your children clear their mind.

Things you should know when you hire a math tutor:

Try to communicate with this private tutor as much as you can. You can ask him or her to give you a monthly report, in order to figure out if your child is making progresses or not. Moreover, another important aspect is finding out which payment method is the best for both of you. In case you are not on the same wavelength, you will end up arguing.

What is more, you should also ask your tutor about experience. There are many persons who are not prepared enough for working with children. Last but not least, if you find out that your child does not like his/her tutor, try to look for someone else. Experts talk about a special connection which should be created between teachers and students.


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