Small guide for those who decide to move to France

Choosing to move to France is an important decision for everybody and this choice has become extremely popular, due to the good economy of this country. There are many people who travel to France as tourists and who decide then to stay longer. But, it is also true that you may feel a little bit confused when it comes to this thing. In fact, it is completely normal to feel this way. Here is a small guide that may help you a little, especially if you plan moving there with your family.

First comes first: you need a health insurance

No matter if you plan to stay in France a year or more, you definitely need health insurance. Life can be unpredictable nowadays and in the majority of cases you can get sick without even knowing the cause. But, due to the fact that you need to gather some documents, you need help. Thus, we highly recommend appeler Cpam Seine Saint Denis. Cpam is a trust-worthy institution which has helped thousands of people to get their insurance. And it all proves a hassle-free experience. After you make the call, an agent will guide through the whole procedure. But why is this insurance so important? Well, it all happens because the French medicals services can be quite expensive and you cannot afford paying for them.


On the other hand, it is also true that there are various other methods which can help you get a health insurance. For example, if you plan to get married with a French citizen you, may benefit from this type of insurance. It may sound simple, but it is not. You also need to take care of some documents. Also, bear in mind that if you get divorced, things can change. You lose your health insurance, but you can get your own.

Secondly: find a job

Living in France may come with a lot of benefits, but there is also true that life can be somehow expensive here. Thus, you need to become an independent person and earn you own money. Even if you are a student and you benefit from a scholarship, you can take a part time job which also allows you studying. You can at least work for a couple of hours, in weekends.

Thirdly: Take some French classes

When it comes to French people, one thing is sure: they love their language, traditions and country. Thus, you can easily find a job if you know how to correctly learn how to speak the “the language of love”. Do a small research and you will see that there people who offer free French lessons.

Last but not least: do not forget to enjoy France!

As mentioned before, France has a lot to offer: starting with amazing views and ending with the culinary industry. You would like to taste them all: from the famous “omlette du fromage” and “cordon bleu” to croissants, coffee and fruit shakes. You have plenty of options from where you can choose, but you have to pay attention to both your weight and health. You may call this country “The land of temptations”.


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