Simple and fun ribbon crafts for the Holidays

Having the Holiday fever? Fear not, we all have it! If you are trying to upgrade this year’s decorations to a more personal level, you might enjoy some DIY ideas, easy and affordable to put into practice. Generally, they implicate ribbons and household items, and minimum effort. If you think you might enjoy a little too much those projects, you can even buy wholesale ribbon, for stocking up purposes. However, if you are not quite sure what you can create with the common ribbon, read below.


Thanksgiving crafts – “Canned” turkey

It is nothing edible about this project, but it is fun and affordable to create. You need a couple of empty and clean cans, ribbons in different shades of orange, a brown paint spray, an orange paint marker, a pair of self-sticking googly eyes, and a variety of craft feathers. After you paint and let dry your cans with the brown spray paint, glue the pieces of ribbon from their bottoms. Stick the googly eyes on them, and draw a beak. Afterwards, glue the feathers on top of the cans as well, for more attitude. A long piece of ribbon will be the hanger so you can easily place them on your porch.

Cinnamon and ribbon Christmas tree ornaments

If you are tired of Christmas tree ornaments found on the market, try to create some yourself. All you are going to need is some cinnamon sticks, a variety of ribbons, a hot glue gun and some twine for the ornament’s hangers. On the long cinnamon stick, tie ribbons in an alternate pattern. Put a small amount of hot glue at the top of every cinnamon stick and attach the knotted twine. Afterwards, cut the ribbons into a Christmas tree shape and you have completed you little project! Pair those with some star decorative cutting in a colour that will complement your Christmas tree even more.

Ribbon and pinecone Christmas tree ornaments

What to make all your Christmas tree ornaments by yourself? Bring a little diversity by creating another type of decorations. You are going to need some pinecones in a variety of sizes, thin ribbon pieces and a hot glue gun. Simply sick loops you created from the pieces of ribbon with some help from your hot glue gun. Alternatively, you could paint the pinecones in white, silver or gold with a spray paint, if you prefer a glammed up Christmas tree.

Ninja Turtles Christmas tree ornaments for your relative’s children  

If you are constantly trying to create your own presents for the little ones in the family, you might enjoy the idea of creating Ninja Turtles – inspired Christmas tree ornaments as their presents. Buy a few sets of plastic green tree ornaments, blue, purple, orange and red pieces of ribbon, a few pairs of googly eyes and a hot glue gun. Cut the ribbons into pieces; stick them around the ornaments with your hot glue gun. Next, attach the googly eyes and pack them beautifully for the little ones in the family. Make sure each of them has a Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo in their presents!

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