Shabby chic ideas for a perfect living room

It is very important to research a lot before starting some home improvements. If you want to feel amazing in your own hose, you should consider the shabby chic style. It is probably the most romantic and relaxing style from all times, so you should be ever careful when choosing the decorations. Maybe you already know that this fastidious style requires some special knowledge because it is not simple at all to make all those complicated but gentle decorations look very well together. However, you should be informed about the fact that this style is very expensive, so you will spend a lot of money on some little decorations. You should better purchase some UK grosgrain ribbons for sale because you can make very beautiful decorations if you have patience. The most important secret is to use your own imagination because it is the most powerful tool when it comes to such special projects.


Chic chandelier perfect for a romantic living room

It is not difficult at all to create something very beautiful because you can start with making some simple decorations. The greatest advantage is that you can also use some old things and try to improve them or recreate them. For example, if you have an old chandelier or something that looks like it, you can try to make it look better. You can start with painting it because the colour is very important, but don’t forget to clean it first. The next step is using some beautiful pieces of ribbons that should be tied in order to let them flit. Be careful when choosing the design of the ribbons because this is the most important part. You must try to use as many different models, but they should be part of the same style. If you want to add more elegance, you can use some artificial flowers too because they will look perfect in the top.

Pay attention to details

The most difficult part when it comes to decorating the living room is that you have to be very careful with the details. Everything could look better if you would make a minimum effort like painting some photo frames or adding some cute ribbons everywhere. Your bookcase will look amazing if you will pick a few books that have similar colours, but different sizes. At the end you have to tie them with a big and elegant ribbon. Don’t forget to place them in a special shelf so that everybody will see them.

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