Popularity of marriage counseling in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, also called the City of Angeles and home to most celebrities, is the most populous city on the entire state of California. With incredible buildings and an amazing ocean view, L.A. is the location of contrasts. Temptations lure at every corner, beautiful women and men linked together by the great dream of becoming actors, all walk the streets of Los Angeles. Given this reality, you almost stop for a moment to consider whether or not getting married in this particular city is a decision based on love or a business plan that might just end in an impressive divorce settlement. Indeed, according to specialists, Los Angeles is among the cities in America with a high divorce rate, but to everyone’s surprise it does not occupy any of the top three leading positions. After conducting targeted market researches, it appears that Los Angeles has a divorce rate of 7% in men and 10% in women. Contrary to most expectations, L. A. is not by far the cemetery of marriages as some might have believed.


Although there is a great number of offices specialized in marriage counseling in Los Angeles, the divorce rate is lower here than in San Diego. In Los Angeles, out of a population of 4, 513, 943, only 317,876 are divorced. It might just seem that specialists in couples counseling in Los Angeles know what they are doing. Indeed, the result of a market research of this kind only brings up the obvious question. How is it possible for marriages to resist in a city in which temptations can be found at every corner of the street? Well, there are a few cultural facts that are worth considering. As surprising as you might find the following explanation to be, know that religion is one of the reasons for which some couples refuse to get a divorce. The Catholic community in Los Angeles is the largest in the entire country. This piece of information should come as no surprise, considering the large size of the Latin inhabitants.


There is another explanation for which divorce is not a highly popular practice in Los Angeles. This is somehow linked to economy. You might have heard about some of the world’s phenomenal divorce settlements. Well, Los Angeles, especially the Beverly Hills area is home to some of the richest people in America. You can imagine just how impressive a divorce settlement would look. For example, the McCourt couple, divorced in 2009, four years after moving in Los Angeles, had a divorce settlement of $ 130 million dollars, considered the most expensive settlement in California. Another reason for the low divorce rate in Los Angeles is the number of weddings taking place here per year. It seems that for a reason or another people are either too busy to get married or do not feel the need to do so. New York enters in this category as well. Looking at all facts stated above it does seem that weddings, as well divorces are complicated decisions that have to be passed through various filters before settling for something.


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