Popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments – steps and details


Whether you feel the need to change your appearance in order to increase your confidence, maintain your husband’s interest or you want to look stunning for an upcoming important event, non-surgical cosmetic treatments are the solution that can solve your problem. Considering the modern technology, the beauty industry has evolved significantly over the years meaning that you have various options at your disposal, from chemical peels and IPL hair removal to microdermabrasion and dermal filler treatments in Birmingham. All these popular cosmetic procedures are harmless and promise to offer amazing results in order to help you completely change your look. Therefore, regardless the area you wish to treat, you can talk to a highly trained and experienced practitioner that can inform and guide you throughout the process.

IPL hair removal

This cosmetic treatment can be applied to facial and body areas in order to remove the unwanted hair. The goal is to destruct the hair follicle using light pulses, which will impede the growth of new hair and will provide permanent results. Because the hair grows in multiple phases, you have to resort to a series of treatments that can take up to six months. During each treatment, almost 70% of the hairs that grow in that period will be destroyed. Before starting the treatment, certain safety measures are required to ensure the protection of your eyes against the light generated by the machine. A spray or a gel must be applied on the area in question and, depending on the level of sensitivity, an anesthetic cream is recommended. During the treatment, you may experience stinging or tingling but this is not a reason of concern. After the treatment, your practitioner must apply immediately cooling packs.

Chemical peels

This procedure consists in the removal of skin layer on the surface, which leads to the reduction of wrinkles, lines and scars. First, you have to discuss with the practitioner and depending on your needs, you can choose between superficial, medium-depth and deep chemical peel. These types of chemical peel can last from several minutes up until two hours. You may have to observe certain instructions concerning the skin care before the treatment by applying products that will practically prepare your skin for the process, not to mention that your practitioner will use acetone to cleanse it.  During the treatment, he will paint on your skin a solution and leave it for several minutes to obtain the much-desired effect. At the end, he must wash it off and apply compresses if needed.


This cosmetic method is similar to chemical peels because it works on the same principle meaning that removes dead skin cells from different areas of your face and body. The difference is that it does not last more than half an hour to enhance the texture of your skin by eliminating, wrinkles, lines and pores. The practitioner cleanses the skin and the machine will gently exfoliate it with crystals in order to reveal a soft and rejuvenated skin. After the procedure, he must apply certain products that will hydrate your skin and you can instantly notice the results.

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