Lack of calcium – the main cause of osteoporosis

People frequently ask which the cause of osteoporosis is. The answer is in fact simple: lack of proper calcium intake. Hypocalcaemia, as it is commonly known, plays a very important role in bine loss. If you have been labelled with this condition, it is important to become aware of the fact that if you do not get enough calcium in your diet, your body will not be able to rebuild new bones. In fact, people need a constant level of mineral in their blood due to the fact that a great number of organs depend on it. Typical examples include the heart, nerves and muscles. Calcium is an essential mineral and this is why you should get the daily allowance from diet and, of course supplements like AlgaeCal. The AlgaeCal reviews are more than flattering. Concerning the connection between lack of calcium and osteoporosis, there a few things you need to consider.

Osteoporosis and calcium deficiency

Western countries, in particular, do not experience calcium deficiency. On the contrary, very few societies are under the requirement. This is the reason why western countries do not deal with issues such as osteoporosis. Other countries do, on the other hand. Millions of people around the world develop osteoporosis, their calcium intake ranging from very little to non-existent. While there are other factors that come into play, such as hormones, bone-forming minerals are one of the most important ones. What is vital to keep in mind is that if the body lacks this essential mineral, it will literally take it from your bones. The result is that bone density diminishes and you risk of experiencing fractures.

Benefits of using calcium

The body needs calcium and this need should not be satisfied at the expense of your bones. The less mineral in your body, the more bone is lost. Osteoporosis is a disease which is hard to manage, which is the reason why you need to take preventive measures. They key to preventing this disease is to change your diet and to take supplements. Calcium not only ensures bone health, but also cardiovascular health as well. It is indeed an effective intervention for the prevention of osteoporosis as it promotes a healthy skeleton.

Overcoming calcium deficiency

As you age, the calcium requirement increases. This means that in order to keep healthy, you have to make sure to meet the daily allowance. Many think that more milk and more dairy products are the answer, but they are not. If your body does not absorb the mineral from the diet, you will still lose important quantities. Undoubtedly, nutrition is still important, but you have to understand that it is not enough. For an adequate intake, it is necessary to take dietary supplements. They have high levels of vitamin D and K, so you can be sure that your body will absorb it. Contrary to popular opinion, pills will not cause you heart problems. If you forget to take your supplement, there is no problem. People do not become hypercalcemic overnight.


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