Has Your Alcohol Consumption Increased Dangerously?


According to the professionals, the topic of alcohol is one of big confusion among the people of UK. If you were to consult a group of 100 individuals, it is entirely likely that at least 50% of them would associate minimal hangovers and high alcohol tolerance with a good state of health. The reason is that alcohol tolerance is often, though completely wrongly, linked to stamina, strength and the ability to cope with anything you throw at your body.

Sadly, not only is this a completely misguided presumption, but it could also be highly dangerous. The reason is that the reality is in fact the opposite – developing a high alcohol tolerance is undoubtedly not a good thing.

Building Tolerance

One of the biggest issues regarding increasing your alcohol intake tolerance to a harmful level is the fact that you might not even realise it’s happening. It is not as if one moment you are able to handle half a wine bottle and the next you find yourself suddenly needing at least two bottles, just to be ready for a night out. Instead, it happens gradually and is hence something that tends to go unnoticed. The only issue being that in most cases, things might have already reached a very problematic point by the time they come to your attention.

Which is why it’s a very good idea to occasionally take a moment to reflect on the way you do things and consider your drinking habits. If you’re honest, how have your drinking tolerance and habits changed over the recent years? Are you consuming significantly more than before, in order to experience the same effects? Are you drinking on a regular basis though no longer being able to feel any effect of aftereffect at all? Do you regularly find yourself binge drinking?

If the answer to any of the questions is “yes”, it may be worth considering making a few changes.

Alcohol Dependence

In a very similar vein to increased alcohol tolerance, it’s also quite possible for genuine alcohol dependence to take you by surprise. The simple fact is that nobody sets out with a specific intention in mind to become dependent on alcohol – it’s something that happens progressively and slowly over time. What most people fail to realise is the way in which there’s a big difference between alcohol dependence and alcohol addiction. The fact is, simply because you can go a period of time without a drink does not mean you are not alcohol dependent.

For example, if you just can’t bear the thought of socialising without a solid amount of alcohol in your body, you’re by definition alcohol-dependent. Similarly, if the only way you could relax in the evening after a hard day in the office is to down a bottle of wine, it is very possible that you might be alcohol-dependent. The difference between alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence is that in the case of the latter you don’t necessarily have to be drinking large amounts of the stuff to have a real problem. Needless to say, actually acknowledging you might have an issue when you have long assumed your drinking habits were just fine could be easier said than done.

Making the Change

On a more positive note, making changes for the sake of your well-being and health does not necessarily have to be a tremendously difficult job. Just like gambling addiction counselling on Harley Street London, it will take effort, but can no doubt be done.

First and foremost, the key thing is to set measurable and realistic short and long-term goals. You can’t simply expect to wake up one day, decide to go cold turkey and never drink another drop of alcohol again. One in a million might succeed – the rest will not. Instead, it is a case of slowly but steadily making the kinds of small changes here and there, which when combined together over a period of time make a significant difference. And it is very important to be specific too – decide precisely how you intend to reduce drinking and by what amount, in order to give yourself a plan to follow.

In an ideal scenario, you will be able to convince at least one of you family members or friends to join you on this journey, in order to bring support long the way. If not, make your intentions well known from the earliest possible moment and make sure you keep away from people who may do all they can to ruin your positive intentions and hard work.


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