Getting ready for 5 aside tournaments – tips and tricks


5 aside football is a sport of speed, concentration and fast reaction time. While some people like to play it only for fun, with their friends or colleagues from workplace, others decide to get more involved and intend to master it, thus becoming professional players. They take it to next level by engaging in various 5 aside tournaments in London and not only win great prizes, but also develop a range of skills. In order to give your best when attending such tournaments, it is recommended you pay attention to these useful tips below.

Get enough sleep

Before the day the tournament begins, it is mandatory you are rested. Go to bed early that night to get enough sleep and to be in great shape the following morning for the tournament. You cannot play 5 aside football well if you are too tired, since this sports requires great concentration and fast reaction time. You have to remain focused during the entire game and to pay attention to the moves of every player in the field, whether they are in your team or in the opposing team.

Watch your diet

Being in great body shape is also important because it will help you be faster and more flexible in the field. Besides doing a lot of physical exercises, you also have to pay great attention to what you eat. Make sure you have a well-balanced and healthy diet that gives you enough energy throughout the entire duration of the game.

Practise a lot

Tournaments usually come with a prize and in order to win it you have to be extremely well prepared. This means that you have to play 5 aside football as much as possible and as often as possible in order to improve your gaming skills.

Establish the best strategy

One week or two before the tournament begins, make sure you discuss with your teammates and establish together with your coach the best strategy and tactics to apply during the game in order to win the game. The square, the pyramid, the diamond or the Y are only a few examples of tactics you can opt for. Think this through and decide on the one that would suit your team best.

All things considered, it is recommended you keep these useful tips in mind if you intend to engage in a 5 aside football tournament sometime in the near future.

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