Get crafty this Christmas! Ribbon décor ideas for your entire family

With the holiday season approaching, you might be wondering if it is possible for you to create all by yourself those stunning pieces for your décor. It’s not like you wouldn’t be able to find them on the market, it’s just they become a little more personal if you create them by yourself. Additionally, if you manage to get your children and other members of your family involved, you will also benefit from some quality time with them as well. Handy activities will also help you children become more independent and self-sufficient. For creating the best décor items, you can use some floristry ribbons UK produced. The quality is high, they won’t stretch, and you will be able to use the items many years from now on. Moreover, many come at affordable prices and the effect is high. Some ideas, below.


Ribbon Christmas wreath for your door

You are going to need a plain wreath, a wide piece of ribbon in Christmas colours, pieces of ribbons of smaller width, some Christmas globes at your choice, as well as a hot glue gun. On your plain wreath, fold and stick your wide ribbon on it on an eclectic way. Next, stick the Christmas globes at your choice on the wreath. From the less wide ribbon, make some bows, and stick the on your wreath as well. Here is the first simple idea you can use for making Christmas décor items all by yourself.

Personalise simple, transparent Christmas tree globes with ribbons

If you have a bunch of transparent Christmas tree globes, you can easily turn them into more special ones. Find some narrow ribbons, take out the hanger on each globe, and fill them with ribbons of different colours. When finished, stick back the hangers and you have a personalised Christmas tree décor. Your children are going to love them, just as your guests.

Wide ribbons for your Christmas tree décor

This is not some items you can create, but more a different idea for decorating your tree. First, you need to purchase wider ribbons, in a relevant colour for the season, and decorate your tree with it. This is a more eclectic alternative than the traditional one and you will create a different, more welcoming atmosphere.

Pinecone and ribbon table central piece

Most certainly, you want a more special central piece for your Christmas dinner. If you want to impress your guests, go for a piece created all by yourself, with supplies you can find everywhere. Take a walk in your local park and gather pinecones in a variety of sizes. Place them on a silver platter, next to a variety of candles. Beautifully place near them ribbons in nude colours and enjoy your guest’s reactions.

Here are some simple, affordable yet effective décor items you can easily create in the comfort of your home, on a lazy winter evening. Involve your family; enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and the cosy atmosphere.

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