Five Steps to Pinpointing and Procuring Your Perfect Adhesive


Along with providing an extensive range of commercial and industrial adhesives, a 3M preferred tape converter also offers essential advice and consultancy. Which of course begins with assisting new and existing customers alike in pinpointing the perfect adhesive product for any given purpose.

For obvious reasons, it’s only possible to order and obtain the perfect adhesive product if you first identify exactly how and where it is to be used. The whole point of custom adhesives being that rather than choosing from a selection of prefabricated products, you instead take your demands to the manufacturer and have them fulfilled to the letter. This way, you are guaranteed a product that goes over and above anything generic – in terms of both performance and value for money alike.

Nevertheless, even the best custom adhesive manufacturers only have the information you provide to go on. Which means that the more thorough and specific you can be, the better. So with this in mind, what follows is a brief introduction to the five most important considerations when determining exactly what you need in a custom adhesive product:

1. Consider the materials

Before considering anything else at all, you need to think carefully about the materials you intend to join. The beauty of bespoke adhesives is that they can be manufactured in a way that makes them compatible with just about any material imaginable. Not to mention, perfect for joining different materials that would otherwise be entirely incompatible, when using more traditional joining methods. As such, you need to think about the materials the adhesive will be used to join, ensuring that none are left out of consideration. Just because any given adhesive product works great with one material doesn’t mean the same can be said for any other.

2. Consider the bond’s strength

You will also be able to determine exactly how strong and permanent (or otherwise) you want the bond to be. In some instances, the only acceptable solution may be an adhesive product that provides the strongest, most reliable and most permanent fix possible. In others, it could be that strong adhesion is required for the time being, but will at some point need to be removed as cleanly and completely as possible. As such, it’s worth thinking long and hard about the specifics of the bond you require – feel free to be as precise and demanding as you like.

3. Consider how and where it will be used

Every adhesive product has its own unique tolerance when it comes to environmental conditions. Just as some adhesives are extremely sensitive to things like moisture and extreme temperatures, other products are designed to be comprehensively waterproof and largely bulletproof. Once again, it’s a case of carefully considering exactly how and where the custom adhesive product will be used. Think about the environmental conditions it will be exposed to – both at the time of its application and afterwards. If you need a customer adhesive product that can stand up to quite a lot, you need to make this clear during the initial consultation.

4. Consider methods of applications and adhesive types

Chances are, you might not be fully aware of every different type of adhesive that may be available to you. From standard liquid adhesives to custom adhesive tape and so on, the very best solution isn’t always the most obvious solution. As such, it’s worth considering alternative adhesive types and application methods – whatever is likely to make things as simple and convenient as possible for your business. And once again, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can be extremely specific and demanding – given that the adhesive products will be designed and manufactured to order.

5. Call the experts to discuss your options

Last but not least, when you have a relatively complete picture of what it is you need, the time comes to get in touch with the experts. Upon providing a custom adhesive tape manufacturer with as much information as possible, you will then be presented with a variety of options and suggestions.  Once again, it could very well turn out that the most ideal product for your requirements isn’t even an adhesive product you had considered. Or for that matter, even knew existed.  Given the importance of this initial support and guidance, it is critically important that you only ever work with the very best custom adhesive manufacturer in business.


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