Driving a car – positive and negative aspects


We cannot deny the advantages of having a driving license and owning a car. Even though vehicles contribute to climate change and negatively influence the environment by affecting the quality of the air, especially in the urban areas, people cannot manage to perform their daily activities or even imagine their life without the benefits provided by them.  They ensure the transport of people to certain destinations and products in different parts of the country or internationally. However, handling a car represents a great responsibility considering the fact that accidents happen unexpectedly and can lead to major damages. For this particular reason, you should prepare yourself properly before applying for a driving license meaning that you should study and memorize the theory and only then you can take intensive driving courses in London if you wish to obtain your driving license as soon as possible.

Positive aspects

Whether you are a family man or a businessperson, the need of a car is the same for everyone. For instance, in the first case, it helps you take your kids to school and pick them up every day or if you have to do grocery shopping, it makes the process of going to the supermarket and returning at home with a multitude of products much easier, not to mention that it helps you and your family reach different remote destinations when planning vacations. In the second case, it helps you get to work quicker or travel around the country for important business meetings. On the other hand, if you are the owner of a large company based on deliveries of various products, then cars represents the main asset. More importantly, if you ever need to transport a relative, a friend or a stranger to the hospital in case of an emergency, being able to use a car becomes essential.

Negative aspects

Apart from the obvious benefits, handling a car represents a great responsibility considering the fact that accidents happen unexpectedly and cause major damages. Especially if you travel with your kids in the car, you should pay great attention in traffic and observe the regulations if you do not want to threaten their safety. Moreover, besides representing a substantial financial investment, a car requires many expenses concerning the maintenance and fuel. Another negative aspect off driving a car is traffic. If you live in a crowded city, you cannot prevent being late to meetings and events.

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