A shopping list to make your wedding organization easier

Once you got engaged the first thing that will pop in your mind is how difficult planning and organizing everything will be. The hardest part is deciding what both of you like and what the main image of your wedding looks like. After that, you are ready to start working out a budget and check the venues, availabilities, churches, suppliers and everything else. Don’t forget about the guest list and the wedding planner. To make it easy for you, here’s a list with things you’ll need to buy or book according to the time left until the big day:

1 year left

You might believe that there is a lot of time left, but it is going to pass so fast you won’t even feel it. Make sure you keep this in mind:

  • Venues – do the venue you are into offer the decorations and everything needed for the party? Check this thoroughly and if not, make sure you look for wedding ribbon for sale or balloon sets for the arch at the entrance.
  • Wedding planner, photographers and videographers – look for the best professionals for your big day; it’s one time only and you don’t want anyone to mess things up
  • Book florist, taste cakes and buy the dress/grooms attire

6 months left

  • Bridesmaid dresses – go shopping with your bridesmaids and decide what they should wear; you want everything to match, right?
  • Seating plans – make sure you take into account each and every special need of your guests
  • Entertainment programme – you’ll want a clear schedule of artistic shows during the wedding night
  • Music – choose the DJ/band you’d like to hire for your big night;
  • Invites – make sure you print and send all the invites; have the guest list next to you while you do that and check for advantageous price packages
  • Engagement rings – don’t hurry when choosing the engagement rings; they should fit perfectly and if any modifications are required, do them as soon as possible so you’ll have the rings ready for the ceremony (and for the rest of your lives)

1 week left

  • Make-up and hair appointments confirmed – consider confirming all your appointments beforehand so you won’t experience any surprises when you show up there
  • Dresses and suits – try on once again the dresses (yours and the bridesmaids’) and the suits (groom’s and best men’s)
  • Engagement rings – try on the engagement rings once more


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